Selected Publications

Light transport simulation algorithms are remarkably adept at recreating a large variety of light phenomena which occur in nature. As such they have seen widespread adoption across the industry, which made it paramount to create efficient and robust algorithms. One recent algorithm which tries to deal with this problem is known as Probabilistic Connections for Bidirectional Path Tracing (PCBPT). Unfortunately, there was no implementation of PCBPT publically available, which is why we implemented it into the open-source Mitsuba renderer. We evaluate the algorithm against standard BDPT on a variety of different scenes. Our comparisons provide insight into what type of scenes PCBPT can help improve and where the additional computational cost presents too much of an overhead.
Bachelor’s thesis at TU Wien, 2013.



A 2D android game and physics engine.

Haunted Maze

A WiiMote controlled Pac-Man clone on the Atmega1280 microcontroller.

Fairy Forest

A Real-Time 3D Graphics Demo