Haunted Maze

In May 2016, I decided to take the Microcontroller class at the TU Wien. We were supposed to implement a pretty simple labyrinth game, controlled using a Wiimote, for our first project. I sort of got carried away and made a Pac-Man clone. It also plays Lady Gaga.

It’s controlled by kipping the Wiimote and the mazes are randomly generated (using the modified Prim’s algorithm as found on Wikipedia).

Other things I implemented include:

  • the GLCD driver,
  • the hardware abstraction layer for the Wiimote Bluetooth,
  • a random number generator which is fed using the ADC in differential mode to measure two High-Z pins,
  • sending data from the SD-card to the MP3 module,
  • more minor things (such as certain communication protocols).

Here is the code for all of those who are interested. It was one of the more fun ways of being sleep deprived for almost a week.